Iā€™m a California girl, born and raised. Recently relocated back to San Clemente from Calgary, Alberta with my wonderful husband and 2 crazy pups.

I was a creative and disorganized child, just ask my mother. When I was a teenager, I went to work in retail and that is where I first learned how to be organized. In my twenties I went to school for Interior Design, my first love. But like a lot of people, I did not end up following my passion. So for the next decade or so I worked a regular j-o-b. But I always had a reputation for being the one to call if you needed help organizing and decorating your home or planning a party.

I started a little concierge business and was just getting started when I heard about a position that was opening up as a House Manager for a high-profile couple in my area. Without any real experience, I applied for the position. I got the job. It changed my life.

I am eternally grateful to this amazing family that saw something in me and gave me a chance to discover what my true passion is. I am excited to share with you some tips and tricks of the trade. I am not a perfectionist, as some people may think. But instead I implement simple systems that keep me organized and efficient. Enjoy!