"I am a very busy woman; my position takes me away from home for a minimum of 2 weeks at a time – when I come home; I just want to show up.  

I want my dry cleaning hanging in the closet, my hair and spa appointments scheduled, and the groceries in the fridge.  

Kendra not only organises all these appointments (and more) and errands with very little direction, she also anticipates my needs in advance, and offers helpful suggestions for optimal time management, and function in our home.  It’s been an absolute godsend that she came into our life in August 2014; I was overwhelmed with work and maintaining our home – she took over, and the transition was seamless.

Kendra packed our home in Calgary, and coordinated with the movers to our new home in Cochrane.  As I was working an extended shift out of town, she not only coordinated the move, she unpacked our entire home, coordinated with furniture and piano arrivals – I didn’t have to lift a finger.   What a relief, after working for 3 weeks straight out of town, to arrive at my new home, everything in its place.

Her time and soaring service level are going to be sorely missed upon her departure back to California.  Kendra; you are a gem, and we will miss you – best of luck in your new adventure!"  - Amy M  Cochrane, AB

"I hired Kendra several months ago to help me organize my house to be put up for rent. What a godsend she has been - I have joked that she is like having a wife (a really good wife!). She knows what has to be done, gets it done quickly and efficiently and we had fun doing it. I wish I had found her sooner - her services have been invaluable. I ended up hiring her  to do much more than I had originally intended because she is outstanding and I trust her completely to get the job done. I was so sad when I heard that she was leaving Calgary - she is a consummate professional and I cannot give her enough praise. If you need a house manager, a party planner, a moving organizer or a right hand woman - Kendra should be the first phone call you make. You will not be disappointed." - Donna H Calgary, AB